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9x9 in Squares for Beginners

Written by Nik

By popular demand, here is a basic 9inch square pattern for beginners. By completing this square pattern, you will learn the basic crochet stitches of single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), and double crochet (dc). Using a light colored yarn is the best way to see your stitches and find mistakes (remember the yarn must be washable). Keep a tape measure handy to measure your square as you go so that it meets the requirements for Project Chemo Crochet of 9 inches all around. I also included a link to the Leisure Arts website that I found had the best how-to videos for every step of the way. If you are finding it difficult to follow along using the paper, please check out those videos; they will help tremendously!

Remember, the intent of using this 9inch square pattern is that it will then be donated and stitched into a Project Chemo Crochet blanket that will be sent to someone in the world battling cancer. So I ask you not to give up on yourself or the people that need your squares. We are not looking for absolute perfection.  Learning something new is always difficult and can become frustrating.  I promise you it will be worth it and you will be hooked in no time! ;)

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