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Community News: R.O.C.K.

Written by Nik

R.O.C.K., which stands for Radwell Operation of Caring and Kindness, is speared headed by its president Jill Radwell of Medford, New Jersey.  Under Jill’s guidance R.O.C.K. has been involved in many service projects worldwide from donating time and service to local animal shelters to gathering supplies that were sent to Africa during the Ebola outbreak. Fortunately for Project Chemo Crochet, R.O.C.K. has us on their radar.

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There is Always a Reason

Written by Nik

The other day I was “interviewing” a friend for a Community News blog post (which I should be writing right now instead of this). We have been friends for many years. She’s what I call a “when my mom was alive” friend. That might sound odd, but I am sure you all can categorize your friends in a similar manner. I have other categories too such as “when I was a teacher”, “before motherhood”, “PA peeps”, “CA peeps”, etc.; but I would have to say that the “when my mom was alive” friends hold something very special. And I am almost positive they have no idea.

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Community News: Avantor Performance Materials

Written by Nik

Here at Project Chemo Crochet we love seeing businesses and groups taking initiative and joining our cause to support cancer patients around the world. Thank you Beverly and the other members of the Avantor Performance Materials team who took time to learn how to crochet and donate 9 inch squares to Project Chemo Crochet. Well done!


If you or your group/business has hosted events for Project Chemo Crochet, let us know! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


2 Year Celebration is Bittersweet

Written by Nik

If you know me, you know my mom. Even if we met after my mom died (it makes me sick to even say that) you still know her. How? Well, not only do I try to slip in her into every conversation I have. (I know that it’s my subconscious way of making me feel like she is still here but also as a way I can still say the words many take for granted, "my mom".) But mostly you know her because her spirit lives on through me. My mom taught me many life lessons, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The most important lessons I learned from her were to live with passion, persist and persevere even when things look grim, and love fully and unconditionally. These are the behaviors that I witnessed and I have tried to emulate.

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The Story Behind the Square - Beth & Nancy

Written by Nik

"I often sit and rub each square, wondering who is behind each one. Why have they given their time and efforts to do this for me?” This was a statement made by one of our blanket recipients two weeks ago.  It prompted me to begin asking that very same question, "why do you crochet squares?" 

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