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There is Always a Reason

Written by Nik

The other day I was “interviewing” a friend for a Community News blog post (which I should be writing right now instead of this). We have been friends for many years. She’s what I call a “when my mom was alive” friend. That might sound odd, but I am sure you all can categorize your friends in a similar manner. I have other categories too such as “when I was a teacher”, “before motherhood”, “PA peeps”, “CA peeps”, etc.; but I would have to say that the “when my mom was alive” friends hold something very special. And I am almost positive they have no idea.

So this “when my mom was alive” friend has been doing some amazing volunteer and service work in her area. (I don’t want to spoil the future article so I’m being vague). One question I had asked her during the interview was “What has inspired you to crochet and devote your service to Project Chemo Crochet?” She became quiet, searching for an answer. Me knowing a little about her life, I offered up a potential answer. Her life had been touched by cancer through relatives and close friend, so we agreed that was most likely the reason and on to the next question we went.  A few minutes later the interview wrapped up, we chatted for a bit, hung up and returned to our busy lives.

About 4-5 minutes later, I received a text.

“You asked me what inspires me to crochet myself and encourage others to do it…I mentioned spending time with [family] and [friends] who battled cancer but it truly continues to be you and your mom who I think about the most when I’m crocheting. I’m sure it’s partly because you started Project Chemo Crochet, but I think it’s more because of the love between you and your mother (which has, without a doubt, brought me closer to my mother and reminds me to cherish every day we have together). That love has been shared exponentially by all who have been touched by Project Chemo Crochet. Whether they know you or not, the love between you and your mother has touched them.”

That is an answer from a friend “when my mom was alive.” (Can you see what I mean by that category of people holding something special?)

This week was kind of a crappy week. I’ll admit there was a day (or two) frustrations mounted and I was ready to throw in the towel. Receiving this text yesterday was the beginning of bringing it all back together for me.

I always say that everyone and everything in my life serves a purpose; kind of like that ever so popular saying “Things happen for a reason.” I truly believe it! The purpose of PCC in my friend's life is to continue showing love and appreciation for others whose lives are touched by Cancer because she saw what cancer does. She saw it in the relationship between me and my mom. She saw it in her own family and friends. She is forming relationships with coworkers and friends as a way of showing her love. I hope that you all see the purpose of Project Chemo Crochet in your life. You may have received a blanket filled with love from the hands that made each square. You may have crocheted a square, or two, or five hundred and donated them in memory or honor of someone you love. You may be a survivor who understands the importance of a small blanket and wants to help someone else. Whoever you are, whatever brought you here, know that this was founded in the purest of love and hopefully serves a purpose in your life.


My mom and I had an inexplicable and sometimes complicated love that will live on forever. I love you, Ma! 

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