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Community News: R.O.C.K.

Written by Nik

R.O.C.K., which stands for Radwell Operation of Caring and Kindness, is speared headed by its president Jill Radwell of Medford, New Jersey.  Under Jill’s guidance R.O.C.K. has been involved in many service projects worldwide from donating time and service to local animal shelters to gathering supplies that were sent to Africa during the Ebola outbreak. Fortunately for Project Chemo Crochet, R.O.C.K. has us on their radar.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January 2015, R.O.C.K. hosted its first crochet lunch hour. Employees located at the main office in Lumberton, New Jersey signed up to give an hour of their lunch time to learn how to crochet a 9 inch square. That first meeting 18 people attended with 17 never having crocheted. This was one determined group! This one day of service has turned into many more. A few of the original 18 continue to meet over lunch twice a month, with Jill leading the charge. Jill said of her once beginner students, “You would never know that many of these women were once beginners. The 9 inch squares that are being made are quite impressive”.

These bimonthly meetings have proven to be more than just a crochet hour. The women who are in attendance have their own personal connections to Project Chemo Crochet and the cancer world. Meet Christina who lost both parents from cancer; her mother while in middle school and her father at a young age. She feels that through crocheting for Project Chemo Crochet she is a little closer to them and helping others in the fight. Meet Darlene, VP of R.O.C.K., who comes to crochet in memory of her companion she lost to cancer last year. Meet Jill, President of R.O.C.K., who not only teaches the lunch bunch how to crochet but has also hosted neighborhood sip ‘n stitch crochet parties in Medford, New Jersey.

Whether it be for personal reasons or just the enjoyment and relaxation crochet can bring in the middle of a work day, this group has no plans on stopping. Thus far, R.O.C.K. has completed forty five 9 inch squares. Jill has also continued to raise awareness for the importance of supporting cancer patients in her community with Project Chemo Crochet. Her neighborhood parties at Medford Lakes, NJ are growing in attendance. Jill has even gotten her nail salon on board to crochet squares! Crochet is more than just a hobby for Jill. When asked what the motivating factor for her volunteer work is for Project Chemo Crochet, she responded, “It’s the love between you [Nicole] and your mother [Marianne] which has without a doubt brought me closer to my mother and reminds me every day to cherish the days we have together. That love has been shared exponentially by all who have been touched by Project Chemo Crochet, whether they know you or not.”  




We at Project Chemo Crochet would like to thank Jill Radwell and everyone involved with R.O.C.K. for their dedication and service to Project Chemo Crochet. You can learn more about Radwell International at 


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